commixing:The feeding machine will mix LMF(low-melted-fiber) and posted industrial fiber based on suitable proportion.
homogenizing:The big trunk machine will homogenize all kind of fiber together completely and equably.
hackling:The carding maching will hackle the material to be loose and sparse fiber layer.
stacking:The bamboo-raft machine will stack sparse fiber with 300-400 layers to enter into preforming press.
punching:The needle machine will punch the thick-layer fiber to high density via adjustable speed and thickness.
heating:The heating machine is a partly enclosed, directly heated surface from which warm air circulates by convection. It will make LMF melted to bounding all fiber together.
pressing:The multiplex roller will press the melted fiber to demanded thickness.
cooling:The hydrocooling systerm will fix the panel thickness and shape
cutting:The auto-cutting machine will cut the settings size
Ripening:During a 48 hour period, panels stay in a stabilization process.
"Calibration and Quality Control":"The panels are calibrated within the proper thickness (within the standard limits). Each techpanel is subjected to colour control and is classified according to the colour allowances in the internal rules.  For the remaining tests of physical and mechanical properties,  standards of techpanel are applied."
Standard 5-layer corrugated carton for internationalwide delievering.